9:05 PM: A retraction.

I would like to apologize for a post i made last night. In the post, I jokingly 'served' 15 or so people, most of whom I really like, and many people took it as a very serious attack on them personally and were emotionally hurt by it, and by the time school let out today, it had spun out of control. I can be very harsh sometimes, and having a blog with an audience as big as this, making fun of people can be very tempting, especially when I have the freedom to say whatever I want about whomever I want, and only be punished in the court of public opinion. I thought the post would be funny, to be honest, and I still think that it was, but it would have been more well suited for a list of celebrities, or people that don't read this blog and would never give two shits about what I have to say about them. Again, none of those insults were meant to be taken seriously, but I can see how they could easily be, given the way I said them, and the weak disclaimer I put up at the end. I apologize, and as a means for showing that I mean it, I will attempt to 'serve' myself.

Matthew Parten-Someone who calls themselves "social retard" doesn't exactly have a lot of room to talk. You're either an awkward, overweight teenage emo trying to be "unique" (when you're really just fitting in with a different group) or a 35 year old pedophile trying to fool people into thinking you're an awkward, overweight teenage emo. Either way, your blog sucks. ownt.