10:41 PM: Lollapaloozing.

Ok, so, after obsessing over the ever-expanding lineup for this year's Lollapalooza Music Festival, I've decided that a preview of this year's festivities is in order. I'm hoping I can get a nice big group of people to go with me this year, so maybe this will help convince a few people:

Lollapalooza is, for the first time this year, a two day traveling festival. In the past, Lollapalooza has been a kind of alt-rock 'Ozzfest.' It was an epic tour with no fewer than 15 bands, the quality of which lowered as the years progressed. This year, however, looks to be a renewal of Perry Farrell's original intent behind Lollapalooza: To showcase bands that he likes, and thinks that other people should be listening to.

This year's lineup features 25 bands, 20 of which would be worth seeing by themselves.

Day One's Lineup:

Morrissey-The former lead singer of the influential 80's indie rock band The Smiths seems to be the biggest draw at this year's Lollapalooza. His presence at the festival is sure to attract many 40 year old overweight goths as well as 13 year old emo kids, and everyone between. If Morrissey's new single, Irish Blood, English Heart, is any indication, he will have some excellent new material to perform, as well as an eight CD back catalogue of his very impressive solo material, and possibly even a few Smith's songs (don't hold your breath for the last part, though).

Sonic Youth-Sonic Youth have been kicking the world's ass since before you were born, and, after a few listens to their new CD, 'Sonic Nurse,' it looks like they still have it after dozens of albums, singles, and compilations. They're supposed to be an excellent live band, which bodes well for anyone planning on discovering new bands at this year's festival.

PJ Harvey-Not many people care about PJ Harvey anymore (she hasn't put out in a CD in almost five years), but those who do absolutely obsess over her. She's a very talented singer/songwriter who, if the world had any taste whatsoever, would have made Ani Difranco, Alana Davis, Sheryl Crow, and their ilk obsolete years ago. Hopefully, she'll be unveiling some new material at Lolla...finally.

Le Tigre-I don't know much about Le Tigre at all, besides that one song from a couple of years ago (Let's run?), but they're a basically an indie electronica rock type band that everyone has been raving about for a few years now. Hopefully, like PJ Harvey, they'll be a nice change of pace between all of these indie/alt rock bands.

Modest Mouse-Modest Mouse have been putting out excellent music for nearly 10 years, and are finally, with the realease of their new album, 'Good News For People Who Love Bad News, are getting the respect they have deserved for years. They're an extremely gritty indie rock band who are just now adding some poppy melodies to their music, which is definitely a good thing.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-This is one of Noel Gallagher's favorite bands. That's all you need to know to decide whether you'll love or hate this band.

Von Bondies-So yeah, this is the band whose lead singer got the beatdown of his life from the pansyish Jack White. You'd never know it from listening to their music, which is more authentic and original than anything The White Stripes have put out. If you like the strokes, but think they need a better producer, this is your band.

Broken Social Scene-These are the indie rock darlings of 2003. They probably got added to pad Lollapalooza's indie rock cred, but these guys are actually really really great musicians. They're a collective of 9 successful canadian musicians who write moody, epic songs with themes ranging from the ill effects of shampoo to the disenchantment of 17 year old girls. High quality stuff, even if it is a bit pretentious.

The Walkmen-This is the band The Strokes wish they could sound like. Unrelenting, balls out garage rock with a twist: the lyrics are actually thought provoking! They're also great at slowing things down and can even write, without even a hint of irony, an authentic garage rock ballad, something The Strokes would never dream of attempting.

Wolf Eyes-Eh, Wolf Eyes isn't very good in my opinion. If you like experimental rock, by all means, give this band a chance, but if not, join the overwhelming majority and sit this one out.

Danger Mouse-This is they guy who made 'The Grey Album,' so be prepared to hear every track from that CD when he performs. Hopefully, he'll have some new, even more interesing material to try out at Lollapalooza, but if not, i'm pretty sure everyone would be just find with hearing him recreate 'TGA' live.

Datsuns-Fuck the datsuns. They put out horrible, cliche punk that noone wants to listen to. And they're from New Zealand. No thankyou.

Sparta-Sparta is a relatively new band that still hasn't reached it's full potential, but probably put on a wonderful live show. They've chosen to involve themselves in a horrid scene, emo-punk, but it seemed to work for 'At the Drive In' and 'Les Savy Fav.' If they're convinced they can put out great music in such a horrible genre, more power to them.

DJ Peretz-This is just Perry Farrell's, the lead singer of Jane's Addiction, and the founder of Lollapalooza, DJ alter ego. I've yet to hear him perform, but he's supposed to be pretty good. He played before the pixies at coachella, so he has to be doing something right...

AND THAT'S JUST DAY ONE! Day two features one of the greatest live bands of all time, The Flaming Lips, The Polyphonic Spree, Gomez, The Thrills, Elbow, and many others, but I'll get to those tomorrow.

Lollapalooza comes to Atlanta on August 21st and 22nd, so you'll have plenty of time to save up for the $50 ticket by then. Nothing in this world can keep me from attending Lollapalooza this year...hope you can join me!