10:16 PM: the you're not an aeroplane mix

1. belle and sebastian-step into my office, baby
2. the beatles-norwegian wood
3. built to spill-you were right
4. wilco-heavy metal drummer
5. guster-what you wish for
6. the beach boys-caroline, no
7. beck-the new pollution
8. belle and sebastian-simple things
9. dane cook-pranks
10. nick drake-northern sky
11. built to spill-carry the zero
12. outkast-she's alive
13. the clash-should i stay or should i go
14. guided by voices-i am a scientist
15. pink floyd-time
16. interpol-obstacle 1
17. neutral milk hotel-the gifted children
18. guided by voices-kicker of elves
19. the clash-lost in the supermarket
20. the pixies-here comes your man
21. r.e.m.-daysleeper
22. spoon-paper tiger
23. the smiths-the boy with the thorn in his side
24. guided by voices-you're not an aeroplane

any suggestions? (note: i hate most punk, metal, emo, ska, country, and rap)