1:10 AM: I've thought up the perfect idea for a movie

Of course, you'll steal the idea, but I don't care. That's what murder is for.

It's about two junkies who go to a dealer's house to score some more dope. While there, the dealer overdoses and dies. The two junkies panic, and steal twelve kilos of coke, heroin, and a wad of cash. They take all of that home, and think of a way to sell the drugs fast, and get the hell out of town. They go over to their small time dealer (a 'safety' dealer, in case they can't get what they need from their primary) to ask for advice. While there, the safety kills the two junkies, and takes the drugs for himself.

The End.

What makes the idea interesting, is the way its filmed. Instead of normal, shot by shot takes, it will be filmed from the perspective of both junkies, changing perspectives every few minutes or so.

Look out Tarantino.

(Check out them typin' skill(z)!)

I'm Lovin' it...