9:54 PM: AIM OWNT.ing 12.

more mind numbingly intelligent humor from matthew. enjoy, or cringe, depending on how mature you are:

sarlik: hey georg, what's the difference between you and a hammer?
sarlik: the hammer doesn't engage in gay butt sex. a lot.
sarlik: o.
sarlik: w.
sarlik: n.
sarlik: t.
sarlik: OwNT.
GK1290: thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard
sarlik: but i typed it, loophole!
sarlik: double----OWnT.

sarlik: i see you like let it be naked
ringorama2435: yeah
sarlik: i like let it be naked as well.
sarlik: and by let it be, i mean your mother.
sarlik: ownt.

sarlik: hey jay, tell me about your life
hunarg: i think its pretty good
sarlik: stop there.
hunarg: k
sarlik: because i just remembered that i don't care
sarlik: at all.
sarlik: ownt.

Honore2005: chelsea strobel and beth hanson stole my hubcap
sarlik: ok
sarlik: should i be happy for you?
sarlik: because i'm not.
sarlik: ownt.
Honore2005: you live a horribly pointless life
sarlik: available now at an OWNT. near you
Honore2005: what are you here for, to cause trouble
sarlik: the return of the OWNT.
sarlik: waiting for OWNT.
Honore2005: that one was horrible
sarlik: night of the living OWNT.
Honore2005: im let down
Honore2005: by the fact
Honore2005: that it took you soo long
sarlik: perma OWNT.
sarlik: by faulty OWNT. logic

sarlik: have you finally learned how to do that thing yet?
JeSSEs sIstEr01: do what thing?
sarlik: read.
sarlik: ownt.

sarlik: hey matt, do you ever get the feeling that everyone secretly hates you?
AHSTiger2: not really
sarlik: well, you should.
sarlik: because they do.
sarlik: ownt.

sarlik: hey richard
wherestompenny: yes matthew
sarlik: can i borrow like $5 dollars?
sarlik: oh wait, i forgot
sarlik: your family can't afford money.
sarlik: ownt.