11:06 PM: Why high school sucks: #384739028472394

I've noticed a disturbing trend in the last couple of months...people seem to take out all of their aggression towards others through their buddy profiles. While I, of all people, can't say anything about being passive-aggressive, blatantly calling someone out via AIM buddy profile is just ridiculous. There has to be a better way to express your distaste for the individual in question...like maybe telling them in real life? or even getting a friend to talk to them? i don't know, but this is getting really sad.

An example:

"Oh mi god, bitch gon dye for dis shit! wait till NS getz 2 u!11111"

That's just dumb.

Stop, if only for me.

I know girls usually get the most shit with this, as you probably remember from Asians Anonymous. It seems like males could find a less pussy way of telling girls they are upset with them. Actually, you shouldn't need a way. Just get over it. And then get run over by a minivan.