9:32 PM: AIM ownt.ing 8...this time, he cries.

sarlik: what if all the sub-atomic pieces of our body instantaneously unfolded, and fluttered away?
sarlik: what would happen then?
hunarg: you would be an idiot
sarlik: no, i'd be awesome, and there'd be like 1 million of me, so it would be more awesome
hunarg: then, what if all of the people in the world started thinking random, psuedo-abstract thoughts for no darn reason and never stopped?
hunarg: then the world would suck, like you
hunarg: ownt.
sarlik: that'd be pointless
sarlik: what if jay started saying and doing stuff that made people that aren't his church friends laugh?
sarlik: ownt.x.2.
hunarg: that hurt
hunarg: i think i might cry
sarlik: nope
sarlik: hell hasn't frozen over
sarlik: you still aren't funny
sarlik: own.x.3.

*Note to everyone: Start IMing HUNARG and make fun of him until he starts crying. it's not hard to do...if anyone beats my record of 3.7 seconds, I will let them hang out with me on a TBD 4 hour period.