1:25 AM: "Hey, look at how awesome this is!"

By: Richard Patterson
Guest Contributor

Sweet Movie Script

Scene 1: The Porch conversation

Spoonjunt and Mr. Atmore are relaxing on the porch, both are turned facing the house, looking from the outside in through the back door.

Mr. Atmore (whilst gnashing teeth and shifting his eyes) – “Man, I will totally take out that motherfucker. Like freaking drown him or hit him with this pole”

Spoonjunt (in thick African accent) – “Chill out you marvelous man. You know you don’t have to skin them to win them.”

Mr. Atmore – “Junt dawg, this totally is not a time to be playing joke jokes. I stab you eventually for that. Anyways, as I was saying, I want this pisser hoe’s head. I would seriously skin him for his hide, I wouldn’t even bother to make it into a coat or something. I would just let it chill in the apartment.”

Spoonjnnt (whispering into Mr. Atmore’s lap) – “Do you want to see my Moroccan mole?”

Mr. Atmore – “Gahhhhhhhhhhh!”

At this moment, the tribe of feral children hiding beneath the porch's floorboards, broke through. The children beat on Spoonjunt and Mr. Atmore and kill them within 24 seconds. Their bones were also burned later.

Scene 2…