9:46 PM: Hurricane party on the face of your asstika.

an asstika (a variation of a swastika): ()()
shit, i'm awesome.

blah, bullshit, yeah. i have/had/is having an importantly awesome eight track of the computer all cued up, hardcore, here:

sarlik: sorry, i t will get annoying after a while
sarlik: but it'll stop
sarlik: and then it will shit out like a gavel
sarlik: of indeclarity
sarlik: he said to the bitch of war
sarlik: do'nt come near me with that splinter box!!@
sarlik: and ethen, the 4th one appeared
emilyeg16: what the hell
sarlik: and proclaimed gallopp sweet mercy!
sarlik: the virgin mary then came buy
sarlik: and propositioned me in the eye
sarlik: i couldn't say no
sarlik: and boy, we went at it
sarlik: immaculate conception my ass
sarlik: i want to fly into the eye of the face of the sun
sarlik: at mach 11 atey
sarlik: in the mother fucking sun!
sarlik: ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
sarlik: he said
sarlik: but no
sarlik: now
sarlik: we must all supply liquid injections of morphine
emilyeg16: so you're choosing to speak of the virgin mary while under the influence of marijuana, how... wonderful
sarlik: into the livix of california's goober chalice
sarlik: man, sorry
emilyeg16: what the fuck, you're scaring me
sarlik: huh?
sarlik: i'm just chillin
sarlik: no matter too big
sarlik: just straight playin, you know
sarlik: sorry if i offended you guys in any chape form or matter
sarlik: i did not attend to
emilyeg16: haha i'm kidding
sarlik: im sorry
sarlik: does typing high make you madd?
sarlik: i'll stop, it's not big thing
emilyeg16: not at all
sarlik: haha, oh yeah
sarlik: kool-aid man
sarlik: bursts out in pajamas
sarlik: goes to bed
sarlik: wakes up
sarlik: and he fucking says it:
sarlik: OH YEAH!"
emilyeg16: hahah
sarlik: that's the masterplan, you know, you know
sarlik: you need a mastercard, mastertard!
sarlik: olo
sarlik: !
sarlik: llo~
sarlik: lol!

emilyeg16: holy god
sarlik: ya know, ya know
sarlik: one two three n 2 da four
sarlik: snoop dizzy dog and mastertard is at cho door
sarlik: he's pimpin the fly in the cake of a barrel
sarlik: lookin like the son of wallace cash and bruce barrow
sarlik: dancin in the moonlight, you kow he's feelin allright
sarlik: and he says to you:
sarlik: he says:
sarlik: i'm quittin my job, shit sucks
sarlik: the end
sarlik: that's what he says
sarlik: and i says to him, i says:
sarlik: don't fuck the messenger, send the sparrow
sarlik: and he came back with three olive branches
sarlik: and the burning bush says:
sarlik: you are my most wonderful creation
sarlik: then the bird fucking gets it
sarlik: the end
emilyeg16: this is blog-worthy
emilyeg16: you better save
sarlik: can you do it?
sarlik: feel free to invade my space
sarlik: anytime
sarlik: you know i've got a gift for rhyme
sarlik: when i'm spittin the flow
sarlik: you bitches better know
sarlik: that im in the face with some kases
sarlik: and you disgraces
sarlik: sippin on your beer why we mackin honeys
sarlik: you got the play boy bunnies
sarlik: but you aint got the money
sarlik: on your head
sarlik: i'd rather be dead
emilyeg16: the moneys dawg, the moneys
emilyeg16: mo money mo problems
sarlik: but kill the reaper
sarlik: yeah yeah yeah!

sarlik: go go guintofu!
sarlik: that's my pet=- name for you
sarlik: lit's like a slew
sarlik: i'm bobbin my head, i've kicked bac kas few
sarlik: dancin with a jew
sarlik: on the cross of the lamb
sarlik: of god, he's a fucking protestant niggga
sarlik: the end
sarlik: what in the world?
sarlik: is going on?
sarlik: what is this shit?
emilyeg16: i couldn't tell ya
emilyeg16: but i like it
sarlik: let's sit down a bit
sarlik: and notice it
emilyeg16: i think im cumming in my pants
sarlik: the writing on the wall
sarlik: and blowing a ball, like emily
sarlik: except for a vagina
emilyeg16: from china
sarlik: i kind a know waht it is, but i don't minda
sarlik: it's like a little lever that goes off like a predator
sarlik: when i'm around, or when im in that head of hers
sarlik: because she is a slut
sarlik: she's got a vagina
emilyeg16: whoa now
sarlik: does she have every man in existence beat?
sarlik: what about...well, kinda
sarlik: so you eat and you eat you don't know if you meat
sarlik: the requirements of the AFC
sarlik: kill the bollocks on MBT
sarlik: MTBV

sarlik: MTV
sarlik: yeah yeah yah, bitches
emilyeg16: no more smoking for you
sarlik: i want that smoke like i needs my coke
emilyeg16: i bet you guys are the most hilarious people to be around
sarlik: like a bullet in the keg
sarlik: when they shot a kilosoff in the jesus egg
sarlik: like a raging leg
emilyeg16: oh my god hahaha
sarlik: in outer spacial era
sarlik: you look like a perfect fit

Damn, I've had sooooooooooOOooooo much fun tonite, and now I get to talk to my grandma! scored~!