9:39 PM: The many faces of the flock, part 1

Here it is...the first half of the flock list (everyone who was online, basically):

Matthew Parten
The Pelican

Explicitly elegant, yet inherently goofy. The pelican owns every human being and most birds by default.

Richard Patterson
The Mallard Duck

The brains of the operation, and the flock's muscle. watch the fuck out for the mallard. he stab you.

Rollie Harris
The Stork

Just like a thief in the night, except in reverse.

Mark Peterson
The Falcon

Strong silent, and well hung. And he has a big penis, if you know what i mean. His penis is larger than most falcons, and most mammals, for that manner.

Britney Price
The Flamingo

You either accept the awesomeness of the flamingo, or you try to fight it. Word to the wise...stick to the first group. You'll never win the battle of awesomeness against the fierce, majestic flamingo.

Honore Hishaidontknowhowtospellhislastname
The Crow

Don't let the color of it's feathers fool you...this is one smart bird.

Jay Stewart
THe Penguin

he's just like the penguin from fight club, except he sucks at life and has no excuse for existing. ownt.

Sean Abrahams
The Cardinal

Astonishingly versatile, the cardinal is adept at both catching worms and raping ten year old boys.

Emily Guinto
The Inflatable Toucan

Small and innocent until you fuck with her. Then, with the press of a single button, she becomes THE INFLATABLE TOUCAN OF DEATH!!! DUH DUH DUH!!!

Rivers Langley
The Cuckoo

The cuckoo only cares about two things: Bitches and hos. And money. Don't mess with the hardcore haxor pimp of the animal kingdom.

Many more to come when I get the chance to ask people what type of bird they want to be.

I haven't forgotten anyone, i just haven't asked everyone what bird they'd be yet.

part two...tomorrow(?)

note to self...trent=kiwi bird