11:00 PM: Ownt. via AIM, part 9...the final frontier?


more intentionally annoying insightful thought by me+an unamused jay stewart=even more hilarity.

sarlik: 8+6=14
sarlik: ...but why?
hunarg: dammit matt, stop
sarlik: HAHAHA!
sarlik: i love it!
sarlik: you have to admit, that's funny from time to time
hunarg: no, its not
hunarg: sorry
sarlik: man, it is to me...
sarlik: maybe you're not human
hunarg: you should really stop trying to act insightful, its not working
sarlik: or does that make you MORE human?
sarlik: man, you're dumb
sarlik: i only do that to you
sarlik: to annoy you
sarlik: and it works
hunarg: really?
sarlik: yes
hunarg: thanks for the update
hunarg: ass
sarlik: wow
sarlik: that sucked
sarlik: ownt.