10:45 PM: The Many Faces of the Flock, Part 2

You thought the flock was only eight strong? think again. the ahs flock, part 2:

Trent Kinnucan
The Kiwi Bird

Short but stately, the Kiwi Bird (not to be confused, even if in name alone, with the Toucan) provides more hilarity pound for precious pound then over half of the flock's hilarity dispensers*

Caroline Gibson
The Peacock

Just when you think you've seen all there is to see of the peacock, *sha wham!!!* it turns into an orgy of color.

Georg Kaltenbeck
The Owl

Calm, well adjusted, and serene, the owl preys on a healthy diet of snakes, worms, and rednecks. But it's not cannibalism if he's an owl, loophole!

Caroline "#2" White
The Raven

Blacker in her own way than the more intimidating Crow, the raven don't take no sass from no mother fucking one. The raven also happens to be a rather close relative to the dodo bird. shocking? yes. impossible? yes.

Jill Busby
The Emu

Unscathed by the constant knocks against her counter-culture upbringing, the emu, while not enjoying the numerous benefits afforded to the ostrich, will not hesitate to liven up a boring sausage party using only her nostrils, 3 funnels, and a 32 oz. bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Chandler White
The Dodo Bird

With the most menacing glare this side of the owl (taxidermy will do that to you), the dodo bird never fails to make the most of his extinction. Unfortunately, he's not alive to fully enjoy it.

Matt McClanahan
Big Bird

Vibrant and flamboyant, big bird is not only the flock's biggest pimp, but also the most "iffy" member of the group, sexual orientation-wise.

The bird who won't shut the hell up about civil liberties.

"Oh boo hoo, the worms tasted so much better in bangladesh, it's all Bush's fault!" was the last thing i heard the rat say before she ate it. Animal rights my ass.

Adam Gullatte
The Yellow Bellied Sapsucker

Scratch big bird...the yellow bellied sapsucker is DEFINITELY the most bi-curious bird in the flock (sapsucker?).

Shivani Nadarajah
The Loon

Overly saccharine name aside, the loon...actually, the loon just sucks (it's canadian).

*the nickname for funny members of the flock is still a work in progress