11:11 AM: War Eagle.

You probably wouldn't expect it by looking at me, but I LOVE sports, especially college football. I'm a pretty huge Auburn fan in all sports, but football is hands down my favorite. That's why I'm so happy today. Read my synopsis of the game for more details:

Well, it looks like Tuberville will be around for another year, and I'll maintain my loyalty to Auburn. Auburn straight up whipped Alabama yesterday, 28-23. While the score was close, the game never really felt that way at all. Auburn was in the lead AND in control the entire game, and Alabama never came within less than 5 points of us the entire game.

Fortunately for Ben Obomanu:

He atoned for his unforgivable dropped ball against Ole Miss by turning a 10 yard slant route into a 60 yard touchdown for Auburn, a play that put the tigers firmly in control for the rest of the game.

So, congratulations Auburn, even though most of your season was pathetic, you at least made up for part of it by beating the Crimson Tide.

Carnell for heisman.

One more year, please...

Also, I'd like to commend the Auburn defense, who kept us in most games, although we usually succumbed late due to our pathetic offense. Auburn was the 8th rated defense nationally, and deserved a better offense to compliment them, or at least keep them off the field every once in a while.