8:38 PM: A reason to celebrate

R.E.M. have released a 45 second preview of it's next single, Leaving new York, on their official website.

Leaving New York

Looks like REM is going back to balladland (think Automatic For the People). It's a bit pointless to call an REM song too sentimental, but this is definitely on the Everybody Hurts end of the mope meter. It definitely sounds like they've been listening to a lot of Neil Young lately...has REM gone folk?

I really like what I've heard so far, despite the mopishness. REM is still able to write at least one great song for every new album (even Up had Daysleeper), and it looks like the new album will be no exception. Hopefully the whole song will leak soon, I really don't feel like waiting until it's radio debut next week to hear the whole thing.