1:06 AM: Mediocre Times at Auburn High

Since I'm still feeling a little sentimental about the end of summer, and the loss of some of my best friends that comes with it (not everyone goes to college at Auburn, unfortunately), I thought'd I'd share a few of my favorite photos of the past year with some of you guys. Not everyone is represented here, simply because I don't really have that many pictures on my computer, but there should be at least one picture here for everyone that brings back fond memories. Thanks, Rivers, for letting me...I stole some of your pictures, Rivers.

Chandler kicks Miles, Miles chases Chandler. Everyone wins.

Haha, Mrs. Bugg, your son is the only person doing anything 'unethical' on this website...

Best picture ever? I think so. We turned Hot Topic into a respectable establishment with one click of a button.

Ah, the memories...I kind of wish I would have taken more pictures during the school year now (about 5 of those were actually taken by me).

...Birdman out.