4:05 PM: Details on The Clash's London Calling: The 25th Anniversary Edition.

Rolling Stone has revealed more details on the unreleased Clash material that will be included on London Calling: The 25th Anniversary Edition. Guitarist Mick Jones unearthed the material last March while rummaging through some boxes in his London home. He discovered a set of homemade recording tapes that had been missing for twenty-five years, long rumored amongst fans who dubbed them the "The Vanilla Tapes." They contain demo versions of fifteen songs that would end up on the London Calling, plus six unreleased songs, including a cover of Bob Dylan's "Man in Me." Also included are early versions of "London Calling" (with alternate lyrics) and "Death or Glory."

The legacy edition of the album is due on September 21st. It will be a three disc set, the first disc being the remastered original album, the second will be a DVD with interviews and footage of the London Calling sessions, the third will be the material on The Vanilla Tapes.

Love or hate The Clash (I neither love nor hate them), this is going to be a big deal. The Clash re-invented punk with London Calling, and all of this unreleased material from The Clash's hey day is going to drive many a punk fan into wild convulsions. It definitely looks like a must-buy at this point.