11:49 PM: Matthew's Mass Media Review for the week of 6/16-6/23...

...in 25 words or less*

I promised more reviews on this site, so more reviews are what you will get. Here are my takes on everything entertaining I've seen, heard, and watched in the last seven days.

The Terminal

Half-baked, uninspired, corny, and surprisingly pleasant. $20M opening weekend is further proof that Hanks+Spielberg=$$$


Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

The funniest movie I've seen since Old School. What's with the instantly forgetable subtitle though?


Tupac: Resurrection

Don't you dare dismiss Tupac before watching this documentary. Often one sided (in favor of Tupac), but aren't most documentaries/biographies?


City of God

Easily the best movie I've seen since Mystic River. Great Cinematography, and a very bizarre twist ending. Now available on video.


Wilco-a ghost is born

Criminally underrated (come on...a 6.6, pitchfork?) new LP from Wilco that isn't quite perfect (...I'm looking at you, Less Than You Think), but comes damn close. Better than Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.


Pitchfork Media's review of a ghost is born

I'll go ahead and paraphrase this review for you: "Guitar solos have no place in modern rock music, Wilco is too weird to be enjoyed, I hate music." To quote Uncle Grambo, Durst.


Entertainment Weekly's Yearly Must List Issue

I'm all for some Batman hype (Christian Bale, the new Batman, topped this year's Must List), but BRANDY at #9? Please.


Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix

Plot pattern recognition...sense...tingling... Yeah, It's predictable (I'm not done yet, but I think I know what's going to happen), but it's good, harmless summer fun.


Lots of co.

Mr. Jones is in full summer blogging mode, which means at least 4-5 interesting links daily, and plenty of humorous pop-culture commentary. Bookmark it.


Beastie Boys-To the 5 Boroughs

Watered down, uninspired protest rap, with some of the worst lyrcis I've ever heard (sample lyric: "We need a little more gun control"). What happened to the funky jews that gave us Ill Communication and Check Your Head?


(there's your beastie boys review, anonymous)