7:51 PM: Doom III

Regular readers: Please excuse the increased amount of nerdiness in this thread.

Everyone else.

It's finally here!

The Doom III website is finally up.

Doom 3 is set to ship in just 16 days, a good two weeks before school starts. That's a good thing, because I have a feeling that the game will be taking up a lot of my free time over that period.

If you haven't seen Doom 3 in motion, you owe it to yourself to download the trailer. (Click the link that says 'trailer' at the bottom of the official site).

The game has been called the most technically advanced videogame ever made, and supposedly has by far the best graphics ever seen in a videogame. Of course, you have to have a pentium 23498234 to run it at it's full capacity. No worries though, no matter how much you may have to scale down the graphics on your computer to keep the fps at a reasonable rate, the game's story and gameplay alone should make it a must-have.

EDIT: I've got to work on that parallel sentence structure...

In other news, I attended Camp War Eagle earlier this week. I met plenty of nice people, made a few friends, learned all about Auburn, and generally had the best possible time I could have in the overly structured environment. For all of you rising seniors out there worrying about CWE being a waste of time, just give it a chance, and you'll enjoy yourself. The criticism of CWE is completely overstated. It's actually fun, and the knowledge you obtain while you're there about starting college is indespensable.

At CWE, I finally declared my major: English, and possibly a minor in Journalism. My ultimate goal is to be a writer, but if that doesn't work out, I might become a teacher, editor, or drifter.