12:24 AM: We should be home by now...

So, summer's almost over. Auburn High School starts back up August 12th (tomorrow!), and I start attending Auburn University on Thursday, August 18th. Earlier today while driving around campus, trying to find all the buildings I have classes in (which is almost impossible because of all the eph-ing construction), I thought about the last 10 weeks, and my favorite summer memories.

My favorite summer memory would have to be watching Wilco, Bob Dylan, Dave Matthews, Grandaddy, Ween, Primus, David Byrne, Guster, Calexico, The Black Keys, The Dead, Material, and Trey Anastasio perform at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Despite the constant downpour, sweltering heat, and lack of rest, Bonnaroo was one of the most wonderful experiences of my entire life. The positive vibes, complete lack of any sort of law enforcement (you'd have to murder someone or try to sell crack to a mounted policeman to get arrested at Bonnaroo...people were filling up nitrous oxide balloons on the main road into Centeroo, and I saw virtually every rule established by Superfly broken at some point in the weekend), and the concentrated amount of dirty hippies in one place (Bonnaroo 2004-largest gathering of hippies since Woodstock?) kept the experience interesting, even when no bands were playing. I will be able to tell my kids I attended one of the first Bonnaroo Music Festivals (assuming it remains a yearly festival), and that I got to see legends like Bob Dylan, The Dead, and David Byrne (the lead singer of the Talking Heads) perform. If you are interested enough in Bonnaroo to still be reading this, then you should most definitely come next year. It's a little expensive (the entire 5 day trip cost me about $350), but it's worth every single penny. The atmosphere alone justifies the $185 ticket price.

What is your favorite summer memory? Leave me some comments!