1:32 AM: Classic moments in blogging history.

June 29, 2003

Zac Weaver sums up his night: binge drinking, girl problems, vomiting, and...wait for it...2 cigs.

oh my god. i haven't felt this weird in a long time. i got so wasted last night. i'll sum it up-keg stands, cups of beer, bowls, and 2 cigs. last night was Luda's party. hardcore awesome. then, for the first time, cops broke the party. they showed up but didn't say much but u know, just the sight of cops scarred alot of people off. me, Jon, Jake, Lee, and some more folks went back and did sum more partyin and for the 2nd time in my life, so much alcohol caused me to spend a few min over a toilet and i don't mean in the newspaper-reading position. other than that stuff and just having thoughts of diff girls, my life's been pretty copasetic. so i'm out and oh yeah. i deserve MAD props cuz the guy from Vintage Studio 82 (a clothing company-see my links) wants me to do some designs for him and that's hard to come by so "WHO RUNS THIS?" l -peace