10:50 PM: You guys don't understand how random my mom is!

By Guest Contributor Shivani Nadasdrjlkdrewkl

Sup Dawgz?!?

One thing you need to know about brown folks is that they're C-R-A-Z-Y. Since we always inbreed (race, y'all, not incest!!!), everyone seems to be the same. Not my mom. She's KRAZEE!!!!!!! and RANDOM! XD<-------SMILEY FACE . Words can't describe how random she is. Just yesterday, I was wiping off my hands, and, no shit, she says: "no, use a wash-rag to wipe your hands off...there's no reason to waste the paper towels."


Oh my god, it is like that 24/7, i swa dawg! Come to my hosue and see 4 urself!!

I can't believe high school is almost over...and that my brown folk culture-shocked sri lankan canindian mom is so random! and crazy!