12:18 PM: Henry's at it again.

Not content to just drink inside, everyone's favorite public drunk, Henry Earl is back in jail yet again:

I've decided that enough is enough. Why can't a man drink on the sidewalks of Memphis without going to jail? He doesn't have a home, and everyone is entitled to their right to pound down thunderbird and maddog 20/20 without worrying about having to stay behind bars for the evening.

That's why I've decided to start taking up a collection for him. I'm going to try to raise enough money to put him up at the Y, or at least buy him a lot of alcohol.

If you would like to give any money to this wonderful cause, either talk to me at school, or IM me at sarlik.

Let your conscience be your guide, and give as much as you feel you need to.

Thankyou in advance.

Henry needs you...