2:27 PM: The sayings of Jonathan Pink

In 3rd period alone:

You know that new vehicle made by Cadillac? That space shuttle? I got that on dubz.

I don’t like gold, and I hate silver! You still eat golden grahams? Nigga, I eat platinum grahams!

And put this here: When I go to Wendy’s, I don’t biggie size my stuff…I Mega size that shit.

Do you still drink miller light? Nigga, I hate platinum light!

Tell him you don't even like your beer being a gold color, it has to be platinum, nigga!

(points at ear ring)
Bugs Bunny, that nigga be getting jealous for all the carats (carrots) in my ear.

Don’t hate me because I can sing…hate me for another reason.

More quotes to come. Every day.