10:33 PM: The “The” Mix

1. The Liars-Mr. You’re on Fire Mr.
2. The Apples In Stereo-Glowworm
3. The Postal Service-Nothing Better
4. The Velvet Underground-Satellite of Love
5. The New Pornographers-The Laws Have Changed
6. The Thrills-Big Sur
7. The Go Betweens-Caroline and I
8. The Mountain Goats-Stars Around Her
9. The White Stripes-Hotel Yarba (live)
10. The Strokes-Under Control
11. The Books-Excess Straussess
12. The Flaming Lips-The Gash
13. The Who-Do You Think It’s Alright
14. The Beach Boys-Caroline, No
15. The Unicorns-I was Born A Unicorn
16. The Beatles-All You Need is Love
17. The Delgados-All You Need is Hate
18. The Darkness-Friday Night
19. The Rolling Stones-Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
20. The Smiths-Stop Me if You Think You’ve Heard This One Before
21. The Dismemberment Plan-8.5 Minutes
22. The Bens-Just Pretend
23. The Clash-Clampdown
24. The Walkmen-Rue the Day
25. The Microphones-I Felt Your Shape
26. The Wrens-This Boy is Exhausted