1:11 PM: Stop spreading the infection, friends. Stop spreading the word of Square.

Ok, i likedTidus, i really did. His surfer boy attitude, that bleach-blonde hair, feathered out and all bouncy. His clothes were slightly macho and although he didnt bleed heterosexuality, (maybe he dabbled in theatre on the side) his first love was sports and I definitely would have his back if Jecht wanted to start some shit.

This....however, is the end of the stick, so to say. Meet FFXII's new hero: Vaan

OHHHHH no. no no nooooooo. This kid hangs out with Master Seymour for sure. EUGHHH. The hips are shifted, the shirt is off, the pants are tight, and he's got the "I wouldn't mind being bent over" look in his eyes


It's like mary kate and ashley's younger brother plus the kid who play Bastian in the Neverending Story