11:31 PM:

Thursday, September 25, 2003
Rock Against Bush
Rockers plan bands against Bush events:

Rock bands Sonic Youth, the Donnas and the Liars are among a host of musicians to join the Bands Against Bush (BAB) collective who hope to thwart the President's success at the 2004 elections.

The group plans to raise awareness for the movement which is focused on ousting George W. Bush from the White House next year and ensuring his bid for a second term in office is defeated.

Artists such as Good Charlotte, Green Day and NOFX have also agreed to record tracks for a compilation album entitled Rock Against Bush.

The BAB have chosen October 11 to stage events in New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, Olympia, Washington, Portland, Oregon, Paris, France and Dublin, Ireland.

Meanwhile Audioslave star Tom Morello, Billy Bragg and Steve Earle will be hitting the road this autumn on the Tell Us the Truth tour, which will coincide with campaigning for the eagerly-anticipated election.

Wow. That's quite an eclectic line up and bands. Too bad most of them eclecticly suck...

I'm actually kind of afraid that this "rock against bush" uprising might actually keep bush in office, if only from music fans' spiting bands such as good charlotte and nofx by voting republican.

gg stupid out-of-touch democrats...