1:55 PM: "Anytime someone got to grease up your behind to stick something in you, there's something wrong with that"

African-American evangelists have always been my favorite brand of crazy, but even I wasn't prepared for this clip, where Brother Wilson explains how the women's liberation movement has resulted in rampant lesbianism throughout America, among other things:

Can I park here for a minute?

Bro. Wilson's arguments against homosexuality:

-Strap ons - "that aint real."

-Strap ons - "there ain't no semen in it."

-My son can't get a date.

-Blood and membranes and shit. You can't go around breakin' those up.

-Woman was made to be complementary to men.

Some things I picked up from the sermon:

-Bro. Wilson's son is obviously hiding his own sexual confusion from his father.

-Financial independence can only lead to homosexuality.

-The more blood, the greater the sin.

-It seems like he could have found a better word than "nut" to represent the female genitalia, one that doesn't make it look like he's got balls on the mind...despite his rhetoric, this guy comes off as kinda gay towards the end.